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What to Look For in a Jeweler

There are many jewelers out there, but few of them are worthy of your attention as not all are created equal. Some are mainstream chain stores offering little more than a shabby in-store collection, while others provide a peerless shopping experience through a realm of luxury you have never known existed. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to gauge the quality of a jeweler, and our experts at Long Jewelers have put together some answers to a few riddles you may need to solve on your quest to find the ideal jeweler.

Are They Local?

With most things, shopping locally will consistently provide a quality experience and products. Not only are you supporting your community by shopping at your neighbors’ stores, but you are also getting a more pleasant experience. Many local stores are family-run, meaning you are getting generations of people who are passionate about their business and their family legacy. Local jewelers also have a better understanding of their clientele and are more likely to keep their inventories stocked with pieces that cater to their area. They know what their community likes and how best to serve them. Larger chains tend to offer a cookie-cutter inventory that appeals to their market strategy, not the wants and needs of their community.

Do They Have The Selection?

Make sure that the jeweler has a selection suitable for your needs. You do not want to leave with an inferior piece just because the jeweler did not have something better. To find out what they have, you have two options. One, check out their website. If they are reputable, they’ll list all of the brands they carry. While we carry over a dozen designer jewelry brands from around the world in our Long Jewelers showroom, some jewelers may only offer one or two local brands. The second way of finding out a jeweler’s selection is by simply calling their showroom. If they are worth going to, the jeweler will eagerly inform you about all of the beautiful accessories they offer.

Are They Certified?

Not everyone can become a jeweler. To be a true gemologist, one must become educated by an accredited institution. Organizations like the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA) offer stringent training programs. If a jeweler has a GIA certification, it’s verifiably true that they know what they are doing. Some jewelers are purveyors of luxury timepieces as well as jewelry. If so, make sure that they employ a professional watchmaker. As timepieces are complex and intricate, they require a dedicated professional. If the jeweler has a watchmaker on their team, it’s clear that they respect the art of horology.

Find Your Favorite Jeweler with Long Jewelers

Long Jewelers has been Virginia Beach’s choice for luxury and fashion for decades. With our team of professional horologists and gemologists, we make sure to provide the ultimate shopping experience. Our diverse professional jewelry and timepiece services prove it. As a family-owned jeweler, helping our community is in our blood. Call us at (757) 498-1186 to learn more.