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Characteristics of Wedding Bands

As enduring symbols of love and commitment, wedding bands are characterized by various elements that make them unique and meaningful. These include the choice of precious metal, such as classic yellow or white gold, modern platinum, or alternative metals like titanium and tungsten. The design of wedding bands varies from simple and understated to elaborate and glittering with diamonds or gemstones, allowing couples to express their individual styles and preferences. The width of the band, the finish (polished, brushed, or textured), and the presence of engravings further personalize the ring. Here at Long Jewelers, we’ve curated our inventory of designer wedding bands to include only the finest selection from some of the most revered names in the industry, ensuring our customers are satisfied with their choices for a lifetime. 

Popular Wedding Band Designers

Among the popular wedding band designers proudly offered at Long Jewelers in Virginia Beach, are A.JAFFE, Fana, TACORI, Simon G., and Gabriel & Co. Each is renowned for their painstaking craftsmanship and commitment to creating beacons of everlasting love. A.JAFFE, with over a century of experience, offers timeless and bespoke designs. Fana combines traditional refinement with modern sensibilities, crafting bands that capture the spirit of romance. TACORI's signature crescent silhouette adds a graceful flavor, while Simon G. infuses creativity into every piece with fine detailing. Gabriel & Co. brings versatility and style, providing a perfect match for every couple. These designers understand that wedding bands are more than jewelry; they are expressions of eternal devotion.

Additional popular wedding band designers like Martin Flyer, ArtCarved, Forge, Imagine Bridal, and Tantalum have earned their reputations through extraordinary artistry. Martin Flyer, a family-owned brand, offers universal and incredibly comfortable designs. ArtCarved's legacy spans a century, blending tradition with modern style. Meanwhile, Forge brings innovation to the forefront, crafting bands that reflect current sensibilities. Imagine Bridal specializes in sublime diamond bands, adding a hint of luxury to embody undying fidelity. Tantalum utilizes a unique metal by the same name, integrating strength and style. These designers understand that wedding bands are not just jewelry; they are treasured tokens of profound love and loyalty.

Discover Wedding Bands at Long Jewelers

We kindly welcome you to explore a phenomenal collection of wedding bands at Long Jewelers, your trusted Virginia Beach jewelry store. As experts in the art of romance and devotion, we take pride in offering a vibrant selection of wedding bands to celebrate your unique journey. Our bands are a testament to craftsmanship and care, symbolizing the unbreakable bond a couple shares. Whether you seek classic aesthetics, contemporary flair, or custom designs, our collection has something for every love story. With our repair services and experienced team, we ensure that your wedding band remains a pure symbol of your deepest love. Contact us today for more information. Explore our selection and make your vows extraordinary at Long Jewelers.