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About Engagement Rings $5000 & Up

At Long Jewelers, our selection of engagement rings priced at $5000 and higher represent the pinnacle of luxury, craftsmanship, and design. In this range, expect to find stunning pieces that feature high-quality diamonds or precious gemstones, intricate settings, and premium materials. These rings are designed to make a statement, embodying the depth of your commitment and the strength of your bond. Opting for an engagement ring in this category ensures that you're investing in a piece of unparalleled beauty and enduring value, a treasure that will be beloved for generations to come. It's both an expression of love and a symbol of the utmost dedication and desire to provide nothing but the best.

Popular Engagement Ring Designers in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is home to renowned engagement ring designers known for their spectacular craftsmanship and unique designs, including TACORI, Simon G., Gabriel & Co., and Kirk Kara. TACORI is celebrated for ornate details and classic elegance, offering both traditional and modern styles of engagement rings. Simon G.'s creations, meanwhile, are known for their sophisticated styling and high-quality diamonds. Gabriel & Co. blends time-honored designs with contemporary trends, creating versatile and stunning pieces, while Kirk Kara is renowned for vintage-inspired rings that exude romance and charm. Each of these designers brings something special to the table, ensuring that couples in Virginia Beach can find the perfect ring to symbolize their love.

A.JAFFE, Hearts On Fire, Imagine Bridal, and ArtCarved are distinguished names in the world of engagement rings, each offering unique aesthetics and unparalleled quality. A.JAFFE is known for producing transcendent designs and phenomenal craftsmanship, making every ring a masterpiece. Hearts On Fire prides itself on the world's most perfectly cut diamonds, ensuring unmatched brilliance. Combining definitive refinement with modern aesthetics, Imagine Bridal offers a range of styles for every taste. On the other hand, ArtCarved offers both vintage and contemporary designs, known for their intricate details and quality materials. These brands cater to those seeking not just a ring, but a piece of art to embody their love.

Discover Beautiful Engagement Rings at Long Jewelers

Long Jewelers in Virginia Beach invites you to discover a world of stunning engagement rings from top designers like TACORI, Simon G., Gabriel & Co., Kirk Kara, A.JAFFE, Hearts On Fire, Imagine Bridal, and ArtCarved. Our extensive collection features rings for every style and budget, from timeless classics to modern masterpieces. With an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and design, we offer something truly special for every couple. Explore our engagement ring selection online, learn about our jewelry repair services, and find the perfect diamond to match your chosen setting. At Long Jewelers, we're dedicated to helping you find an engagement ring that perfectly captures the essence of your love story. Contact us or visit our Virginia Beach jewelry store to start your journey.