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About Marquise Cut Rings

Marquise cut rings are known for their elegant shape, characterized by an elongated design with pointed ends. This unique diamond cut is immensely popular in engagement ring designs. Firstly, the marquise cut creates the illusion of a larger diamond due to its lengthened shape, making it an excellent choice for those seeking impressive sparkle. Additionally, the pointed ends add a dose of sophistication and distinctness to the ring, setting it apart from more traditional cuts. This combination of size-enhancing qualities, uniqueness, and remarkable sparkle makes marquise-cut rings a favorite among those looking for an engagement ring that truly stands out.

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Popular Designers with Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

Each designer infuses their distinctive touch into marquise-cut diamond creations, resulting in a wide array of styles to suit various tastes and preferences. TACORI, known for its intricate detailing and signature crescent design, brings a glimmer of pure elegance to marquise cut rings. Simon G. offers a blend of modern and classic aesthetics, incorporating marquise-cut diamonds into innovative and eye-catching settings. Gabriel & Co. marquise cut rings showcase superb attention to detail, making each piece a true work of art. Fana, on the other hand, offers a more contemporary approach, highlighting the marquise cut's versatility and beauty.

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Additional Popular Designer Marquise Cut Rings

For those seeking a diverse range of marquise cut diamond rings, designers like ArtCarved, Imagine Bridal, and Kirk Kara offer an inspiring collection of options. ArtCarved brings a flavor of vintage charm and sentimental value to their marquise cut rings, incorporating elaborate detailing that makes each piece unique. Imagine Bridal, on the other hand, focuses on contemporary designs that emphasize the marquise cut's timeless appeal and sparkle. Their creations often feature innovative settings and unique diamond arrangements. Kirk Kara is renowned for their handcrafted, artisanal approach to jewelry, and their marquise cut rings reflect this commitment to quality.

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Discover Marquise Cut Rings at Long Jewelers

When it comes to finding the ideal marquise cut ring, look no further than Long Jewelers, your trusted Virginia Beach jewelry store. Our selection of marquise cut rings is sure to capture your heart. Whether you're seeking a classic or modern style, our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to assist you in finding the quintessential piece to celebrate your special moments. Plus, we offer expert jewelry repair services to ensure your cherished marquise cut ring continues to sparkle for generations. Discover the beauty of marquise cut rings at Long Jewelers—contact us today and find the ring of your dreams.