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a pair of yellow gold diamond huggies hanging on a succulent plant
Characteristics of Earrings

Serving to frame your face in sparkle and highlighting your most important features, earrings are essential additions to any polished ensemble. Our curated collection seamlessly marries classiness with versatility, exhibiting everything from the understated charm of studs to the dramatic allure of chandelier earrings. Experience the gentle sway of our drop earrings or the snug embrace of our huggies. And for those with a penchant for timeless elegance, our hoops are an evergreen choice. Every piece we offer tells a story, and we warmly invite you to discover yours at Long Jewelers.

a woman in a floral blouse posing wearing green gemstone stud earrings
Popular Earring Designers

Unveiling a symphony of artistry and craftsmanship, our collection boasts treasures from the world's most distinguished designers. Fana, for instance, achieves the very essence of romance with earrings that interlace delicate details with dazzling gemstones, creating pieces that are as universal as love itself. Transitioning to the ethereal realm, Doves by Doron Paloma masterfully merges precious metals with a selection of rare gemstones, resulting in designs that are bold and attention-grabbing. Completing our curated ensemble, Hearts On Fire offers unparalleled brilliance, with each diamond earring crafted to perfection, reflecting light in a mesmerizing dance.

a pair of tiered diamond drop earrings hanging off of a white surface
Additional Popular Earring Designers

We’re also immensely proud to offer our discerning clientele earrings by designers like Charles Krypell, who crafts accessories that marry geometric precision with organic fluidity, producing an aesthetic that's at once avant-garde and classically refined. Meanwhile, TACORI is celebrated for its detailed crescent silhouettes, where each design tells a tale of old-world elegance meeting contemporary Californian flair. Simon G. brings forth a thorough commitment to detail and quality, ensuring each earring is not just an accessory, but a legacy. These iconic designers collectively elevate our collection, offering unparalleled elegance for the discerning wearer.

close up image of a woman wearing silver and pearl drop earrings
Shop for Earrings at Long Jewelers

For those in pursuit of unparalleled elegance, Long Jewelers beckons. Our Virginia Beach jewelry store is a sanctuary of magnificent designer earrings and more, each piece a testament to artistry and passion. Beyond our stunning collections, we pride ourselves on preserving the beauty and integrity of your cherished pieces with our professional jewelry repair services. Our dedicated artisans ensure your jewelry remains as compelling as the day you first laid eyes on it. Discover the allure of unlimited elegance and impeccable service with us. For a deeper dive into our world of gems and jewels, feel free to contact us for more information on our products and services.