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Round Cut Rings


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a round cut halo engagement ring on a gray background
About Round Cut Rings

Round cut rings, a model of sheer elegance in jewelry design, feature a circular gemstone with numerous facets, typically 57 or 58, to maximize brilliance and fire. This cut dates back to the early 20th century, evolving from older cuts. Renowned for its versatility and classic appeal, the round cut remains the most popular choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. Its symmetrical shape allows for optimal light reflection and outstanding sparkle. This cut suits a range of settings, from minimalist to elaborate. The round cut's lasting popularity proves its status as a beacon of eternal beauty and love.

bride wearing a round cut engagement ring lying down
Popular Designers with Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Fana, Gabriel & Co., Martin Flyer, and TACORI are esteemed designers renowned for their breathtaking round cut diamond engagement rings. Fana offers contemporary, refined designs, marrying traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. Gabriel & Co. is celebrated for its elaborate detailing and designs that speak to individual tastes. Martin Flyer is known for definitive, transcendent pieces, often featuring round cut diamonds in solitaire or halo settings that highlight the stone's brilliance. TACORI, a luxury brand, makes an enchanting impression with its signature crescent silhouette and artisanal quality, merging universal grace with modern culture. These designers personify the balanced blend of tradition and innovation.

diamond solitaire engagement ring
Additional Popular Designers with Round Cut Rings

Synonymous with quality and sophistication, jewelry designers A.JAFFE, Simon G., ArtCarved, and Jeff Cooper offer round cut rings as a flawless emblem of pure love and commitment. A.JAFFE excels in creating luxurious, precisely crafted rings with a rich heritage dating back to 1892, blending time-honored designs with modern sensibilities. Simon G. is celebrated for its detailed craftsmanship and inventive compositions, offering a unique blend of classic and contemporary styles. ArtCarved specializes in vintage-inspired masterpieces, lauded for their romantic vibe. Jeff Cooper is known for sleek, minimalist designs that focus on the beauty of the round cut diamond.

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Discover Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings at Long Jewelers

At Long Jewelers, we invite you to begin your journey into the world of round cut diamond engagement rings, at our premier jewelry store in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Renowned for our extensive collection, Long Jewelers offers a plethora of engagement ring designs, showcasing the absolute beauty of round cut diamonds. Additionally, we provide expert repair services, so that your cherished pieces are maintained with pristine care. To view our selection of engagement rings or inquire about services, visit our store or contact us for personalized assistance. Long Jewelers stands as a beacon of quality in Virginia's jewelry landscape.