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A Guide to First Time Engagement Ring Buying

May 10th, 2017

Romantic, iconic, and symbolic, engagement rings are the most significant pieces of fine jewelry that a person will ever receive. And with all that pressure, we realize that the hunt for the perfect engagement ring can feel like an impossible challenge.

Engagement Ring Buying

Luckily, to help make the ring buying process a fun and simple process the bridal jewelry experts at Long Jewelers have come together to share this easy guide to help you with understanding all you need to know about finding that ideal engagement ring. With their expertise, insight, and experience, finding the ideal engagement ring for brides-to-be of all style and fashion preference is easy as 1-2-3.

Section One: Diamond Shapes

Traditionally, engagement ring center diamonds were limited to a few shapes, but thanks to innovations in jewelry making and diamond cutting that has occurred over the last century, it is now simple to find loose diamond of any size and shape imaginable.

As with many other considerations on this list, a diamond's cut has a large influence on the shine, sparkle, and overall style of any engagement ring. So when you're deciding on what diamond shape to choose for your loved one's engagement ring, remember to take in consideration the various pros and cons of each diamond cut.

Engagement Ring Buying

Some Popular Engagement Ring Diamond Shapes Include:

  • Asscher Cut: Somewhat octagon-like in shape, asscher diamonds are made featuring large facets, a high stone crown, creating a bold and hard-to-miss sparkle.
  • Cushion Cut: Sometimes called a pillow cut stone, cushion cut diamonds are renowned in the jewelry world for their streamlined corners and bold vintage appeal.
  • Emerald Cut: Effortlessly elegant and sophisticated, emerald cut diamonds can be identified by rectangle shaped and regal “hall-of-mirrors" effect.
  • Heart Cut: Eternally romantic and wonderfully different, heart cut diamonds are a great way to start off any loving couple's life together.
  • Marquise Cut: Resembling a football, marquise cut diamonds have an elongated surface making them ideal halo set engagement rings.
  • Pear Cut: Shaped like a raindrop, pear cut diamonds are a stunning mixture of round and marquise diamond, and is made with one rounded and one pointed end.
  • Princess Cut: Incredibly versatile, princess cut diamond are built with a broad square top and an upside-down pyramid figure, making them one of the most sparkling options for a center diamond.
  • Round Cut: Undisputedly the most popular diamond cut today, round diamonds look absolutely amazing in an stone setting, any ring style, and are revered by nearly all brides-to-be.

Section Two: Engagement Ring Settings

In addition to picking the perfect diamond for your future bride, having a basic understanding of the various rings stone settings and styles is vital to finding the perfect engagement ring for anyone. Similar to diamond cuts, every engagement ring setting has its own attributes that are important to consider when shopping.

Popular Engagement Ring Settings Available Now at Long Jewelers:

  • Halo: One of the most luminous engagement ring settings, halo rings are known for the way they feature a line of small diamonds that are placed around the ring's center diamond stone. A product of the extravagance of the Jazz Age, halo engagement rings have come back into fashion in a big way and are now available by most leading bridal jewelry designers such as TACORI, and others.

Engagement Ring Buying

(Halo Engagement Rings)

  • Solitaire: Known for their sophistication and confidence, solitaire engagement rings are made with only a single diamond as the piece's focal stone. Sometimes featuring skillfully placed side diamonds, solitaire rings are perfect for the bride who is straightforward, fearless, and elegant.
  • Three Stone: Thought of to represent a couple's past, present, and future, three stone engagement rings are built adorned with not only one center diamond, but with three gleaming stones at its center. Similar to halo style engagement rings, three stone rings are legendary for their unique combination of vintage charm and chic modern designs.

Engagement Ring Buying

  • (From Left to Right: Three Stone Engagements Rings from the ArtCarved Contemporary, Hearts on Fire Illustrious, and Michael M Trinity Collections.)
  • Sidestone: Defined as any piece that features diamonds placed into the metal of the engagement ring itself, side stone rings feature sparkling small stones that work to emphasize the natural diamond shine of the center stone.

Section Three: Engagement Ring Precious Metals

The final major thing to consider when engagement ring shopping, is what variety of precious metal you think your special someone would prefer the ring to be made of. While it's hard to go wrong with the classic white gold or platinum option, other metals such as rose gold or yellow gold are great for creating a ring that is guaranteed to stand out in a crowd.

Engagement Ring Buying

(Michael M Love Sidestone Engagement Ring in Yellow, Rose, and White Gold.)

The best way to really figure out what metal your bride would prefer is to pay attention to the jewelry she already owns and see if she has an obvious favorite. Another great way would be to casually ask her what color she prefers!

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Engagement Ring Buying

With over 20 years of experience in the bridal jewelry industry, the friendly staff at Long Jewelers is committed to helping each and every customer find an engagement ring that is sure to bring an eternity of togetherness, happiness, and love to anyone.

In addition to their unbeatable engagement ring collection, Long Jewelers also offers a selection of fully certified loose diamonds, as well as full-service jewelry cleaning and repair services perfect for those individuals who have already found the ring of their dreams.

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