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Every diamond has a story, Including Yours

At the Museum of Named Diamonds, we collect, preserve, and showcase diamonds and their stories.

Some are famous, but for every Hope, Orlov, and Koh-i-Noor there are countless others whose stories, until now, have gone unrecorded. The Museum of Named Diamonds invites you to give your own diamond a name, and connect it to your relationship with the story of an emotion, memory, or anecdote that symbolizes your love. Include pictures of the twho of you as a couple, at the moment you got engaged, on a honeymoon, or from the wedding itself.

Your diamond, along with its name, story, and pictures, will then be showcased in the online Museum of Named Diamonds and take its place alongside other famous gems throughout history.

Long Jewelers is a curator of the museum and can make this service available to you at no charge. Come into the store any time to register your diamond and preserve its story forever. Then enjoy seeing your diamond featured in the Museum of Named Diamonds. Because, after all, the most important diamond in the world is yours.

See examples of diamonds from Long Jewelers in the museum