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Guide to Modern Wedding Band Styles

A sophisticated and modern wedding band will look incredible with your engagement ring or worn by itself. Several beautiful designs can appeal to many different aesthetics. Our team at Long Jewelers has selected some of our customers’ favorite contemporary styles for wedding bands that will become timeless beauties. 

Pave Wedding Bands

Producing a gorgeous, glittering effect, pave wedding bands feature small diamonds or gems attached to the bands with precious metals filling the space between, creating a “paved road” look. This secure method creates a beautiful effect along the band and can be used for both bold designs and subtle rings. Micropave is a modern adaptation of this style to expand design possibilities. 

Eternity Rings

Marriage is a beautiful bond between two people, and an eternity ring can be an excellent way to honor that relationship. An eternity wedding band has an unbroken line of diamonds or gemstones going all the way around the ring. Many designers create gorgeous variations of this style that are sure to satisfy most aesthetics. These incredible rings glitter from every angle and will bring a bit of extravagance to your bridal stack.

Stackable Wedding Bands

Creating your perfect bridal stack is a modern mode of aesthetic expression. Ensuring the wedding band suits the engagement ring is a must when seeking to create a delightful combination. Some bands come as a matching set to provide the most comfortable and gorgeous fit. Other rings sold separately can serve to create an exciting stack that is uniquely yours. A diamond wedding band will frame your love in brilliant and radiant ways.

Gemstone Bands

Vibrant gemstones look lovely in jewelry and should not be excluded from bridalwear. A gemstone wedding band is a fun way to incorporate a pop of color into the rings you’ll likely wear the entirety of your relationship. Many different shades of gemstones are available, like black diamonds and emeralds. This glamorous pink sapphire wedding band is an exquisite example. Express your love while also being true to your personal aesthetic.

Anniversary Bands

Celebrate the marriage that has changed your life with a gorgeous anniversary band. This ring is generally given on an important anniversary, be it the first or the 30th. These rings could be an upgrade to the wedding band first given or an additional ring to be worn with the previous two that began your marriage. A nesting wedding band with a dip in the band’s design to snuggly fit around the center stone of your engagement ring could create a bold bridal statement.

Find Wedding Bands at Long Jewelers

We know you will enjoy our incredible wedding band selection in our Long Jewelers showroom. Our team looks forward to playing a part in our customer’s special day or important anniversary, which is one of the reasons we only house the best wedding band designers for our clients. Visit our Virginia Beach jewelry store to find a stunning modern ring to suit your bridal style.