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Winter Gemstone Jewelry

November 15th, 2021

Muted earth tones and deep jewel tones are a staple of winter wear. This season, add some extra color and sparkle to your wardrobe with glittering gemstone jewelry. We’ve come up with a guide to the gems we predict will be trending as the weather begins to change. These gems mimic or compliment the natural colors of the winter season and will add dimension to all of your layered looks!


This mystical gemstone is a rare find in most jewelry stores but makes a great accent piece for the winter months. Reminiscent of the Northern Lights, labradorite features a myriad of colors including deep blue, purple, yellow, grey, green, and brown.

Labradorite jewelry has a unique, breathtaking quality sure to capture attention. Pieces like these teardrop studs by TACORI will be a dazzling addition to your winter looks.


Regularly featured in winter jewelry, garnet is a gorgeous gem with a deep red coloring that emulates a warm fire. While red garnet is most common, this gem can also be found in a variety of rich colors like purple, orange, green, and blue. Any variation of this stunning stone would certainly elevate your jewelry collection.

Sterling silver provides a wonderful contrast to this warm-toned gem. Settings like this Charles Krypell bracelet display the stone prominently, in the way it deserves.


Pearls are an incredibly versatile and fitting gem for winter. It’s color and texture are reminiscent of a fresh snowfall and, like the holiday season, often possess an air of sentimentality. Their smooth surface makes them ideal for pairing with fuzzy sweaters, and their bright hue provides gorgeous contrast to the darker colors in your winter wardrobe.

Pick a contemporary setting for your pearls like these yellow gold mermaid earrings by Stephen Douglas to give this classic gem a modern feel.


Relatively new to the jewelry world, tanzanite is a stunning gemstone that shifts in the light from blue to violet. This gem mirrors the deep indigo of the night sky in winter and is quite dramatic in appearance. It’s only mined in one area of the world, so, being quite rare, a tanzanite piece is sure to spark conversation.

The beauty of this stone warrants a bold setting like this gold necklace by Meira T featuring a halo of champagne diamonds.


This well recognized gemstone is known for its arresting red coloring and is said to represent passion and prosperity. Rubies are a popular gem during the holidays. These romantic stones make a wonderful gift for a partner, and pair well with the neutral tones of winter wear.

These pavé style huggie earrings by Fana feature a line of glittering rubies, punctuated by white gold and diamonds, giving these gems a rightfully striking presentation.

Let Long Jewelers Be Your Gemstone Guide

For over 30 years, Long Jewelers has served Virginia Beach with commitment to quality, style, and unparalleled customer service. As winter approaches, we would love to guide you through choosing gorgeous gemstone jewelry to fit your lifestyle and personality, or to help you choose a meaningful gift for your loved one. Contact us today to get started on your search for gemstone jewelry.