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Tips for Picking the Perfect Jewelry for Summer

June 15th, 2022

Summer is finally here and is likely filled with plenty of outdoor activities and eventful trips. No matter whether you are traveling, spending a day at the beach, or enjoying a sunny picnic, you will want to pick pieces of jewelry that fit the occasion. We have put together a guide to choosing the jewelry best suited for all of your summer excursions that are available in our Long Jewelers showroom.

Warm Weather Styles

In the summer heat, you will likely want to trade your heavy, chunky jewelry for daintier pieces that will not weigh you down. Choose airy styles that will adequately accent your looks, providing polish and style, but won’t cause you to overheat.

While large chain necklaces are certainly in this summer, you may want to reserve these pieces for indoor or nighttime events. If you are spending a lot of time outdoors, opt for a chain necklace with delicate links that move freely about your neck. This yellow gold station necklace from Simon G. is a tremendous warm-weather option.

Similarly, you may want to trade in your bold statement rings with wide bands for more dainty pieces. Stack a few rings with thin bands so that your look still has plenty of sparkle without being too heavy.

Styles Perfect for Traveling

Suppose you are going to be taking any trips this summer. In that case, it's essential to consider taking versatile jewelry so that you will not have to worry about keeping up with too many pieces and that travel well. For example, pieces that don’t get tangled in bags.

Bangles are ideal for traveling fashionistas. With no delicate clasps or chains, you won’t have to worry about these pieces getting damaged in transit. They’re also easy to slip on when you’re getting ready. Simply store a bracelet like this TACORI bangle from The Ivy Lane collection in a secure pocket and travel worry-free.

Hoops earrings also make great travel companions as they can easily transition from day to night, casual to formal, so you won’t need to pack multiple pairs. They’re also great in that they typically don’t have delicate backings that might get lost on your trip.

Vibrant Colors

Adorn yourself with jewelry that reflects the beauty and vibrancy of the natural world during the summer months. Yellow gold pieces, for instance, emulate the warm and inviting rays of the sunshine and will look fitting against your newly-tanned complexion.

Choose pieces with bright gemstones to complement your warm-weather looks. Light blues, cheerful yellows, and rosy pinks are all great options. These blue topaz earrings from Doves by Doron Paloma, for example, beautifully mimic the soft blue of the sky and sea.

Shop Summer Jewelry at Long Jewelers

Those seeking the perfect pieces to accentuate their whimsical summer ensembles will find everything they’re looking for and more among our selection of designer jewelry at Long Jewelers. Our Virginia Beach jewelry store is stocked with collections from the world’s most sought-after designers that are certain to satisfy even the most discerning of buyers. Stop by our showroom or contact us at for more information on our products and services.