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The Special Pieces by Designer TACORI

September 20th, 2017

The Special Pieces Crafted by Designer TACORI

TACORI is world renowned for engagement rings and wedding bands. Brides in the United States and all around the globe adore TACORI’s engagement rings and wedding bands, admiring their unique beauty, special design, and trendy yet modern glamour. The world of TACORI encompasses so much more than engagement rings, wedding bands, or even fashion jewelry alone. As a designer, TACORI has a distinctive flair and chic style, for elegant treasures and decorative gems meant to be cherished and adored for generations to come.

Discover what makes designer jewelry by TACORI so special with Long Jewelers in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Here is our guide to what makes TACORI jewelry one of a kind and truly worth adding to your collection.

The TACORI Tradition of Design

Since 1969, the TACORI family has been creating fine jewelry that blends together timeless traditions from Europe and modern sophistication from California. Founded by patriarch Haig TACORIan, who left Europe for the United States with his wife, Gilda, the design house quickly developed its traditions and design. Haig and Gilda began crafting fine jewelry that won the attention from customers both in the U.S. and around the world—and the couple passed their trade down to their son Paul and daughter Nadine.

Today, TACORI is a family affair focused on creating not merely jewelry, but heirlooms. Each design, each necklace or bracelet, each engagement ring or wedding band, is made with uncompromising quality and great attention to detail. Furthermore, TACORI jewelry is meant to be passed down, to be shared by parents, children, and grandchildren as treasures that represent important life memories. And, of course, every piece TACORI creates has its own timeless beauty.

TACORI Craftsmanship Comes from California

When you choose a piece of designer TACORI jewelry, know that it is hand-crafted in California, the good old US of A, relying on artisans who are highly skilled and trained in the art of creating exceptional jewelry. No two pieces are alike. TACORI prides itself on creating entirely unique pieces of jewelry, every detail added and shaped by someone’s hands and hours of dedication. With a blend of high-tech jewelry making methods and traditional hands-on touch, it’s the care and love used during the design process that makes TACORI jewelry even more enchanting.

The TACORI design team utilizes the skills of trained goldsmiths to shape and polish the precious metals of each jewelry design, as well as a team dedicated solely to gemstones who hand-select the stones for every piece. Whether it's the diamonds set along an engagement ring’s shank or the vivid brilliance of a semi-precious stone in a necklace pendant, every single one is chosen by hand and set by hand to ensure only the utmost quality.

Explore Exquisite Bridal Jewelry

The most recognized and renowned area of TACORI's jewelry is the company's engagement ring and wedding band collection. Every bride- or groom-to-be can discover their ideal ring or band from the TACORI collection.

If you adore standing out and love engagement rings or wedding bands that bring drama, panache and flair, or even just a lot of sparkle, you’ll adore TACORI’s engagement ring collections like Ribbon, and RoyalT. These engagement rings are truly exceptional, adding stunning diamonds, mixed precious metals, and unique cuts of center diamonds for incredible luster and brilliance. Standout wedding bands for women, such as those of the Adoration and RoyalT collections make your marriage extra special, even when worn with your engagement ring, and symbolize your eternal union.

Traditional jewelry lovers will be drawn to some of TACORI’s , more classic, traditional styles. TACORI’s wedding bands for men, particularly the Classic Crescent collections, combine the timeless beauty of polished metal bands with masculine detailing including engraving and thin rows of diamonds. Women who wish for a traditional engagement ring highlighting a single center diamond will love the look of the TACORI Petite Crescent, Starlit and Simply TACORI collections; all available with beautifully timeless pave diamond wedding bands to match perfectly.

Adorn the Every Day with TACORI Fashion Jewelry

Beyond the world of wedding bands and engagement rings, TACORI creates incredible fashion jewelry to wear every day, no matter the occasion. Celebrate a special birthday or holiday, or enjoy a little luxury on absolutely any day with TACORI’s exquisite collections of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Adorn your wrists with the glittering bangles and cuffs of the Sonoma Sky collections, or brighten your day with sparkling studs or drop earrings like those of the Vault collections.

Don a pair of exceptional cuff links from the Monogram collection to make your shirt cuffs shine with a slight glimmer of gemstones. From necklaces to rings to money clips, TACORI crafts everything a man with a sense of style needs to bring his aesthetic to entirely new heights.

Visit Long Jewelers Today to Find Your Favorite TACORI Design

At Long Jewelers, you can browse the entire world of jewelry designer TACORI and the brand’s many brilliant and vibrant collections. As an authorized retailer of TACORI, Long Jewelers in Virginia Beach is home to the largest selection and the largest showroom in the entire state. Stop by our centrally located showroom—just a short distance from cities such as Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Suffolk—and experience our knowledgeable staff’s warm welcome. With a dedicated team of jewelry experts, every shopping trip is an exciting one. Allow us to help you find that perfect piece of TACORI designer jewelry. Visit our showroom locally, shop online, or reach out via phone at 757-498-1186 or via email at