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The Five Essentials for Your Fine Jewelry Collection

April 26th, 2017

While often "essentials" is used to refer to essential wardrobes, we at Long Jewelers often get asked what we would include in an essential jewelry list. With over 30 years of jewelry industry experience, we love helping our Virginia friends and neighbors celebrate all the special moments in your life and assisting in any fine jewelry needs. We understand that a finely selected collection of fashion jewelry items can propel your ensembles in a vast number of ways or simply perfect an outfit. Regardless of whether you are a classic woman, or a modern maven, we believe the versatility in these five pieces make up today’s jewelry essentials.

5. Bold Fashion Ring

For an added element of glamour, find a bold fashion ring. Eye-catching fashion rings can easily be worn on a night out, or for a special event. While the right ring will not necessarily be an everyday wear, a striking fashion ring on an evening out will make you unforgettable.

Fine Jewelry

Our Pick: Fashion forward thinkers, Kattan, continually create highly exquisite fashion pieces in their line of fine jewelry pieces for women. Included in their Vintage collection of fashion rings, this daring 18-karat white gold beauty, fully embellished with vintage designs, sparkly white diamonds, and a dash of color in its sapphire gemstone center.

4. A Cuff Bracelet

Not to be confused with your everyday bracelet, a cuff bracelet is one that is typically wider than other bracelets and should wrap itself nice and snug on a wearer's wrist. While they can be made from almost any material, we prefer an elegant precious metal such as gold or platinum over leather.

Fine Jewelry

Our Pick: California-based designers at TACORI have outdone themselves with their enchanting line of women's jewelry. This bracelet from their collection, is everything and more of what we desire in a cuff bracelet. With a seemingly endless array of diamonds adorning the entirety of the bracelet, this work of art is definitely a dream bracelet.

3. Dress Watch

For any fashionable woman, owning a designer dress watch is necessary in an ideal collection. In general, a designer timepiece should be a staple in everyone's jewelry box. The elegance and sophistication inherent in a quality piece should not be understated. In particular, a dress watch has the versatility to go from work professional to everyday glam and is likely an investment that will last a lifetime.

Fine Jewelry

Our Pick: Founded in 1976, Raymond Weil Swiss watches are the standard for luxury watchmaking. Their 5388-ST-50081 piece features a stainless-steel bezel and band and has an elegant added date complication. With a highly polished blue dial color, this watch beautifully incorporates diamond number indicators. We believe its refined, sleek style perfectly suits women in all their environments.

2. Stud Earrings

Necessary for any fashionista, stud earrings are the classic choice in accessories. From the many styles of earrings, studs are among the most versatile. Timeless as they are stylish, today’s top designers find no limits to the array of stud earrings imaginable. Unlike larger earrings, stud earrings have always been the go-to for just a touch of glamour.

Fine Jewelry

Our Pick: From the artisans at A. Jaffe, a lovely pair of stud earring from their Seasons of Love collection. In gorgeous 18-karat white gold, these stud earrings offer a charming yet refined look for women of all ages. An additional aesthetic perk of these stunners, the large center diamond with adjacent diamond floral pave takes the look a step further. Diamond stud earrings are the iconic choice for studs and are worthy of wear day in and day out.

1. Diamond Necklace

Our top suggestion for your fine jewelry collection, a diamond necklace is the single most important fine jewelry accessory item for modern fashionistas. A single stunning pendant necklace can polish an already great everyday look, or dazzle a night out ensemble. Plus, look for a diamond necklace to perfect any look. The class and sophistication diamond jewelry brings to any piece is unparalleled.

Fine Jewelry

Our Pick: The Women's Jewelry from the innovators at Simon G including this gem from their Vintage Explorer collection all feature the wonderful intricate designs that make Simon G so sought-after and much adored. This vintage inspired piece displays several 18-karat precious metals and a captivating yellow diamond center stone as the centerpiece for the dozens of smaller brilliant white diamonds.

Whatever your signature style, make sure to have fun with your selections! Quality jewelry is versatile enough to work with everything, and lasts for years to come.

You Belong at Long Jewelers!

How many of our suggested essentials do you currently own? Or have you seen other designers from our extensive selections of premium quality designers that fit into our essentials list? At Long Jewelers, we pride ourselves in an exceptional assortment of must have engagement rings, wedding bands, timepieces, fashion jewelry, and loose diamonds in the area and with our convenient financing options, shopping for your dream pieces is easy!

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