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The Fana Phenomenon: Designer Spotlight on One of Our Faves

June 1st, 2020

The Fana Phenomenon: Designer Spotlight on One of Our Faves

There are few designers who take the hands-on approach to their work the way Fana does. Their genuine passion for making beautiful things is thankfully a quality that has not yet been lost as the company has found more and more success over the years. One of the central tenets of their brand is that life is enhanced greatly by the presence of extraordinary beauty. The mission to bring this beauty permeates every part of their production process.

How Do They Do It’

Fana does not outsource a single part of the pendant - from conception to final output, the work is kept in the hands of the company, ensuring the quality of the piece at every single stage of its journey to your neckline. Utilizing both the time-honored carved wax method as well as more modern conventions such as AutoCAD, digital modeling, and 3D printing, the precision with which their vision is articulated is unrivalled by competing brands. The blueprint, once finalized, is cast in metal and pre-polished in anticipation of being hand-set with the gemstones it requires. Before making its way to our store and your jewelry box, it is double- and triple-checked for quality before being cleaned one last time.

fana bridal rings

The Finest in Fashion Jewelry

Nothing makes a summertime splash quite like the energy of a brightly-colored gemstone fashion ring. Fana’s Gemstone collection has much to offer in this regard, from emerald eternity bands to extraordinary halo solitaires fit for royalty. Complete the look with a necklace from the accompanying line - a Fana Gemstone pendant will instantly add a layer of enticing intrigue to your ensemble for the evening, as will the perfect pair of Gemstone stud earrings.

fana fashion jewelry

Fana for Your Special Proposal

Fana’s offerings in fashion jewelry are surpassed only by their bridal collections. We happen to be very big fans of their work in engagement rings, many featuring luxuries like diamond-studded sides and mesmerizingly braided bands in white gold. The Classic collection summarizes everything Fana stands for aesthetically as a brand; sophisticated, regal, and timeless, these engagement rings have one eye on the glamor of the past and one eye on the contemporary demands of fashion-lovers the world over.

We’ve Got Fana and More Waiting for You

While we represent plenty of designers in our Virginia Beach jewelry store, they’re far from the full extent of the matter. Take a walk on the wildside and explore all we have to offer in Fana accessories and engagement rings, as well as the rest of our summer stock. We’re home to all of your favorite name-brand designers, making Long Jewelers your one-stop-spot for everything you need this season. For more information, feel free to pay us a visit or book an appointment with our team online.