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TACORI Brings a New Twist to Engagement Ring Traditions

January 15th, 2020

Engagement and wedding rings are a tradition that is centuries old. Nearly every bride and married couple you know wears them. But that doesn't mean that every ring has to look traditional. Many of today's brides prefer rings that are unique and fit their individual tastes, and TACORI is a brand that specializes in exactly that type of jewelry.

TACORI is an exquisite heritage brand powered by innovation. They create signature collections of engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, and fine jewelry—all handcrafted with extraordinary care by their artisans in California.

No Two Pieces are the Same

TACORI was founded by Haig and Gilda TACORIan in 1979 and remains a family business to this day. Part of their philosophy is that the unique details of their rings make them stunning from every angle. Their signature is the crescent silhouette, which can be seen as part of many of their pieces, particularly on the inner face of their engagement rings.

The company experienced a big surge in popularity in 2003 after their engagement rings were featured on the first season of "The Bachelorette". Ryan Sutter proposed to star Trista with a TACORI engagement ring, and the couple eventually exchanged TACORI wedding bands in their televised wedding. TACORI can now be seen on many stars on and off the red carpet.

TACORI engagement rings are truly unique. Because each step of their creation process is handled by one of their master artisans, each ring has slight variances in design that ensure no two pieces are ever identical. According to the company, "this personal touch transforms each piece into a small work of art."

Engagement Rings for Every Woman

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, TACORI collections to consider include:

  • The Dantela, which is named after the Romanian word for 'lace' and features a beading around the center stone to add glimmer and size to the diamond and metalwork lace to support the crown of each ring.
  • The Petite Crescent, which has been refined and redesigned to have softer, small crescent detailing.
  • The RoyalT is a bolder choice, exclusively designed to fit diamonds at least two carats in size for those who want something bigger and brighter.
  • The Simply TACORI, which transforms the signature crescent into modern design elements on the inner face of each ring, for a modern girl with a classic style.

Of course, to go with your TACORI engagement ring, you'll want a TACORI wedding band. The company takes diamond wedding rings to new heights with the RoyalT rings, which feature exquisite attention to detail, beauty from every angle, and an eternity of diamonds or colored gemstones. And the Classic Crescent is always a distinctive choice, while the Sculpted Crescent comes in an array of styles and choice of gemstones. TACORI also offers men's wedding bands with or without diamonds.

Wedding jewelry isn't the only thing TACORI offers. In recent years, they have expanded more and more into fashion jewelry for men and women. They offer a stunning collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and more in their signature artisan style.

Shop for TACORI at Long Jewelers

Whether you are getting engaged or just looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry, Long Jewelers can help you find the perfect TACORI design for you. For decades, we have specialized in fine jewelry and timepieces, and we are an official TACORI retailer.

Check out our website to start browsing all that TACORI has to offer. You can even use our website to send us a text with any questions. Then head into our jewelry store and let one of our experts assist you. Customer service is our top priority, and we can't wait to make your dreams come true!