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Oris: Cleaning Up Our World

September 15th, 2020

Saturday 19 September was World Clean-Up Day, an inspiring annual event that brings millions of volunteers together in countries all over the world to clean up waste.

This year’s activities were hampered by coronavirus restrictions, with many thousands of people unable to participate. Despite this, Oris brought together 220 people in six countries to clean up their towns and coastlines. They collected almost three tonnes of trash!

‘World Clean-Up Day is such an important day for the world, and in the Oris calendar,’ says Oris Co-CEO Claudine Gertiser-Herzog, who hosted a clean-up event in Lucerne this year. ‘We’re so grateful to everyone who joined us and came out wearing masks to clear waste. Our mission is to bring Change for the Better and we continue to foster friendships and build ties with passionate people and organizations across the world. It’s only by working together that we can clean, restore and protect our environment. Together we can bring Change for the Better!’

More events will happen in the upcoming weeks and months as every day is a clean-up day.

Join the movement, and help bring Change for the Better!