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Oris Calibre 400 New Release

December 5th, 2020

At Long Jewelers, we know busy people need to get to meetings and other places on time, and that discerning persons want to do so in style, so we’re pleased to offer the latest and greatest timepieces by brand-name watch designers like Oris. Along with keeping things on schedule, Oris watches showcase your flawless sense of classic fashion, making a great impression wherever you go. Learn more about the newly released Oris Calibre and how it differs from other watch mechanisms out there.

Get to Know Oris Watches

In any discussion of premium watches, the name Oris is sure to feature prominently. Around for more than a century, the Swiss designer has garnered acclaim for creating purely mechanical watches that feature distinctive design choices. Unlike other timepieces, mechanical watches are designed based on principles that have been around for generations. Moreover, as functional works of art, one can expect to see mechanical watches adorning men’s wrists for years to come.

One standout feature differentiates an Oris watch from the pack. Each of these exceptional timepieces features a prominent Red Rotor, which is the symbol of Oris mechanicals. Rest assured knowing a watch with this symbol is both beautiful and built to last.

A brand-new addition to the Oris collection, the Oris Calibre 400, is setting standards for automatic watch movements. Discover how the Calibre 400 differs from the competition.

Learn About the Oris Watch Mechanism

The team at Oris recognizes that accuracy is essential in the world of timepieces. To that end, the designer has created a brand new watch mechanism featuring unprecedented quality and reliability. Along with being anti-magnetic, that mechanism features an impressive five-day power reserve, so there are no worries about a watch dying on the road. Highly reliable, the Calibre 400 is sure to still be ticking when the desired destination is reached.

Additionally, the Calibre 400 prevents issues that are common in watches with automatic mechanical movements. For example, Oris removed the bar-bearing system traditionally found in these types of timepieces and replaced it with a low-friction slide bearing system. The end result is a more efficient watch with fewer breakdowns.

To try the Calibre 400, consider picking up an Aquis Date Calibre 400 diver’s watch. The new standard in timekeeping excellence, this design features a shimmering blue dial and stainless steel strap. The watch also comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Find Your Next Swiss Timepiece at Long Jewelers

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