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How to Accessorize Winter Clothing Like a Pro

February 15th, 2023

A woman in a wide brim felt hat and winter attire standing in the woods while it snows

Winter is here and, love it or hate it, so is the frigid weather. As we bundle up, donning our favorite accessories can be more difficult than usual. Long sleeves and winter jackets are essentials this season, but they can present a unique styling challenge for our jewelry boxes. Fortunately, our fashionable experts have compiled a few tips on how to wear necklaces and bracelets with your winter staples.

Wearing Necklaces

Three necklaces from left to right: a chain, solitaire, and diamond pendant

Bigger is Better

Necklaces are meant to be noticed, and sporting a striking pendant underneath a puffy winter jacket or a cozy cardigan is the perfect way to achieve this in the wintertime. Statement necklaces from Doves by Doron Paloma or I. Reiss are popular choices among jewelry lovers. You could even choose to layer the pendant with other necklaces, such as chain necklaces or station necklaces, for an enhanced style that is sure to turn heads.

Drop Jaws with Diamonds

Any jacket or cardigan naturally creates an unflattering shadow in the middle of the body. Therefore, it is key to bring light back into that area. Diamond necklaces are a lovely way to do so, as their expertly-cut facets reflect light beautifully. Whether you choose to feature an exquisite diamond-encrusted pendant or a modest diamond station necklace, your outfit will light up with the extra dose of sparkle.

Match Your Necklines

When planning out what necklaces to wear with your outfit, consider the neckline of your top. Necklines serve as a frame for your necklaces. Turtlenecks are a winter closet staple, and almost any necklace will flatter here, although layered necklaces are a perfect selection here. Casual crewnecks can be complemented with a necklace that sits just above the neckline, like this diamond choker from Simon G. Also, v-necks are ideal to pair with a solitaire necklace.

Wearing Bracelets

A dainty yellow gold and diamond cuff next to a wider hammered cuff

Stick with Cuffs and Bangles

Cuffs and bangles are rigid bracelets that dangle with every movement of the wrist. The main difference between these two styles is that cuffs feature an opening to make it easier to slip onto the wrist while bangles do not. During the winter, these bracelets are perfect to wear over long sleeved tops. Whether you prefer minimalist or chunky styles, layer your favorite bangles with desirable cuffs for a dynamic aesthetic.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera, who has styled many First Ladies throughout her career, started the style revolution of slightly rolling your sleeves up so one or two beautiful bracelets can be seen. This is ideal for showing off your everyday bracelets. Three-quarter sleeves have also re-emerged in the fashion industry, so you can easily put your favorite bracelets on display, although it is recommended to wear these blouses toward the end of winter.

Woman standing in the snow wearing a purple beanie and scarf with jacket smiling with snow coming around her

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