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Forevermark Diamonds: The Three Pillars of Sustainability

September 15th, 2021

Diamond jewelry that you can stand behind to give, own, and wear is a beautiful thing. When it comes to Forevermark, responsible diamond sourcing is at the heart of the brand. Special care has been taken throughout a Forevermark diamond's journey to ensure that at each stage of the process, careful measures have been taken to protect the people and environment that help unearth these beautiful gemstones to share with the world. Discover more about the sustainability practices used to ensure three pillars of Forevermark are upheld—ethically sourcing natural diamonds, supporting the advancement of women, and protecting the environment.

The Mark of Integrity: Responsibly-Sourced Diamonds

For Forevermark, ethics are as fundamental to the company’s core belief as the quality of their diamonds. The company philosophy points to an innate responsibility to ensure the infinite symbol of your love is chosen with the highest care for the environment and the individuals it comes into contact with during its development. Adhering to responsible and sustainable practices is crucial for the communities and employees in diamond-producing areas to keep them safe and thriving, which is Forevermark’s foundational commitment.

A dedication to honesty is at the core of every diamond. A signature inscription on each stone certifies that it has adhered to the highest criteria of beauty, quality, and ethical sourcing. There’s a reason why Forevermark has world-renowned acclaim for the pristine beauty of each diamond used. From the moment a Forevermark diamond is discovered, it will remain at every stage conflict-free, untreated, and natural.

Protecting the Natural World

Various projects run by the De Beers Group prioritize the protection of the planet, especially in regards to the diverse and thriving ecosystems in the diamond-producing regions of Southern Africa and Canada.

Due to their commitment to sustainability, the De Beers Group preserves six hectares of land for every hectare that is used for mining to support the preservation of the natural landscape. For this reason, the De Beers Group has set aside about 200,000 hectares of land around its mines. This comprises an expansive park in Botswana with over 1,700 species as well as a Cheetah Conservation field team.

For many years, the De Beers Group has been involved in rhino conservation, including conservation, breeding, and relocation initiatives. The white rhino is one mammal that is in grave danger. Debswana, a De Beers joint venture with the Botswana government, is now supporting a large percentage of Botswana's white rhino population through conservation efforts. The intention is to grow the population before releasing individual rhinos back into the wild.

Supporting the Advancement of Women

Equality is the foundation of a balanced society. Forevermark has set new standards to accelerate equal opportunities for women at every level, including increasing the representation of women in technical and leadership roles, along with investing in the communities of partner countries and developing opportunities for advancement. Forevermark works towards achieving gender parity across its workforce by 2030.

Accessibility to resources can be scarce for many women when it comes to pursuing business dreams and entrepreneurship in South Africa. With the help of development funds like Zimele in South Africa and Namibia and Tokafala in Botswana, Forevermark supports the De Beers Group's many efforts to help women become successful entrepreneurs in their own right. These initiatives provide financial aid and assistance to women in diamond-producing regions who aspire to start their own ventures.

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