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Five Tips to Find Out Her Ring Size (Without Her Knowing)

April 12th, 2017

Engagement Ring Size

Are you considering proposing to your lovely lady sometime soon? Well, we at Long Jewelers are proud to support the Virginia Beach community with all your bridal jewelry needs. As one of the area’s most dependable full-service jewelers, we have picked up some tips and tricks to a successful experience in diamond and engagement ring shopping throughout our 30-year history.

While some couples take pleasure in shopping for their bridal jewelry together, others prefer the element of surprise. So, for our guests who seek to shock their future spouse, we have put together a brief list of five methods to figuring out your partner’s ring size without her knowing.

1. Ask a Friend for Help

While it may be too tricky for you to ask your partner her ring size, many young women share this information among themselves already. Asking your girlfriend’s mother, sibling, or even a gal pal if they know what her ring size is a relatively safe and effortless way to knowing her size.

2. Borrow a Ring

Method two requires that you sneak into her jewelry box, borrow one of her existing rings, and take it to the jeweler to get properly sized. Of course, this requires that you have access to her jewelry and that you can safely take a ring without her suspecting it might be you. If temporarily borrowing a ring seems difficult try one of the following methods.

Engagement Ring Size

3. Trace A Ring

If completely taking the ring is too risky, have a small piece of paper handy with which to trace one of her existing rings. After tracing your partner’s ring, take the paper to your local jeweler and have it properly sized. Here at Long Jewelers, we always have one of our master jewelers on hand to help in sizing or resizing rings.

4. Compare

Didn’t prepare a piece of paper and pen? Not to worry, simply slip one of your lovely ladies’ rings onto your own finger and remember (or mark) up to where it fit for an educated guess on her size. By comparing her ring to your size, a jewelry specialist can certainly help figure out your future wife’s ring size.

5. Measure While She Sleeps

Last, if you consider yourself a stealthy boyfriend, perhaps your method of choice is to measure her size while she sleeps. While there are plenty on online paper sizers, you can also use a slip of paper or a bit of string to measure the length of your bride-to-be’s ring. Done properly, this method should get you an accurate reading on her ring size.

As an added suggestion, if you think you may have flubbed in getting her ring size accurately, consider getting a slightly larger ring size. It is always best to size up rather than down.

At Long Jewelers, we always have a multitude of quality engagement rings from top designers such as A. Jaffe, ArtCarved, Hearts on FireSimon G, TACORI, and many more, ensuring that our customers find the perfect ring with which to propose to their partners!

Engagement Ring Size

You Belong at Long Jewelers!

Need more tips and tricks for your upcoming engagement? We love helping our friends and neighbors celebrate love! Visit our “ Contact Us” page for more information, call us at 757.498.1186, or just come into our Virginia Beach, Virginia showroom to speak with one of our jewelry specialists! We hope to see you soon!