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Fabulous Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Fashionable Man

January 24th, 2018

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the important men in your life can seem like a close-to-impossible task. Luckily, the Valentine’s Day experts at Long Jewelers have got you covered with a wide selection of handsome men’s jewelry that every husband, boyfriend, brother, father, or whoever else is sure to love.

And to make this process even more simple, here are three of our top men’s jewelry picks for this Valentine’s Day, all of which are available now in the wonderful Virginia Beach showroom of Long Jewelers.

Men’s V-Day Idea #1: Designer Made Cufflinks

TACORI and Doves Cufflinks at Long Jewelers

(Cufflinks from TACORI and Doves)

Fashionable and functional, cufflinks make an especially great Valentine’s Day gift for stylish men of all ages. Pictured above from TACORI and Doves, the cufflinks available now at Long Jewelers are made with beautiful sterling silver (925) and 18-karat yellow gold, making them especially long-lasting.

Easy to maintain and wear, the men’s cufflinks available at Long Jewelers are made in various colors and designs making it possible to find the right pair for your Valentine’s individual style.

Men’s V-Day Idea #2: Music-Inspired Swiss-Made Timepiece

Oris and Raymond Weil timepieces at Long Jewelers

(Men’s Oris Thelonious Monk and Raymond Weil Maestro Watch)

A wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for the music lover in your life is the gift of a premier quality timepiece. Found in our Virginia Beach, Virginia showroom are the handsome music inspired watches by Raymond Weil and Oris. Made from classic leather and stainless steel, these watches feature sleek, clean designs influenced by legendary musicians including The Beatles and Thelonious Monk.

Functional and practical, the above pieces add a level of sartorial sophistication to any man’s wardrobe. Additionally, the watches available at Long Jewelers offer the wearer an array of precise, accurate, and useful complications that are sure to provide a lifetime of wear.

Men’s V-Day Idea #3: Men’s TACORI Fashion Ring

TACORI Fashion Ring at Long Jewelers

(Fashion Rings from TACORI)

No longer reserved for rock stars, big and bold fashion rings such as the ones from TACORI are the perfect finishing touch to a dapper ensemble. Available in a mosaic of colors and sizes, the men’s fashion rings offered in our Virginia Beach galleries are made from 18-karat yellow gold and sterling silver ensuring a durable, long-lasting finish.

Ranging from contemporary-chic to traditional looks, there is sure to be more than a few fashion rings in the wide selection of TACORI pieces that your Valentine will love to wear over and over again.

Visit Long Jewelers for More Men’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

The above featured items are just some of the marvelous pieces from our ever-expanding selection of men’s fashion jewelry. In addition to the suggestions above, Long Jewelers also offers a plethora of other men’s trendsetting pieces including necklaces from TACORI, Steven Douglas, and many more!

For guests who come into our showroom with a particular fashion jewelry idea, we extend custom design services. Our specialists will work with you to create the ideal jewelry piece of your dreams.

For information on our selection of men’s jewelry pieces or to learn more about our services call us at 757.498.1183, browse, or visit us at our Virginia Beach, Virginia showroom today.