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Everything You Need To Know To Protect Your Gold Jewelry

July 15th, 2022

The gold jewelry in your collection is likely quite valuable to you both sentimentally and monetarily. While gold jewelry is durable, it's not entirely impervious to damage. There are plenty of ways, however, that you can protect your possessions and care for them when they are exposed to the elements to ensure they last.

What Is Gold Jewelry Made Of’

It is essential to consider the elements that make up your gold jewelry because the alloys used to strengthen pure gold are most likely to have an adverse reaction to certain substances.

As 24K gold is too soft to create jewelry that will not bend or warp, elements like copper, silver, zinc, platinum, and nickel are added to make the sturdy jewelry we are familiar with. Harsh chemicals like bleach, chlorine, and even salt water can cause these alloys to change color or become duller.

What Can Harm Gold Jewelry’

Gold alloys can more easily withstand pressure, warping, and abrasions but are less resistant to damage from certain chemicals and naturally occurring elements. A few of the most threatening chemicals to gold jewelry are chlorine and bleach. These can eat away at the surface of your gold jewelry, causing tarnish and dullness.

Another common adversary to gold jewelry is salt water. Whether swimming in the ocean with your jewelry on or wearing it when you are sweating heavily, you risk damaging the appearance of your treasured pieces.

Other household and beauty items like lotions, makeup, hairspray, sunscreen, etc., may not react with the elements in your jewelry. Still, they can sit on the surface and prevent shine or result in discoloration.

Taking Care Of Gold Jewelry At Home

Caring for your gold jewelry is much simpler and requires fewer tools and solutions than people think. A regular soak and scrub is the best way to keep your pieces shining like when you bought or received them.

One of the best things you can do to clean your jewelry is to let it soak in water. This loosens any particles or substances that may be resting on the surface of your pieces. Then you can softly scrub the piece with a microfiber cloth or a very soft, small brush. You can add a small amount of gentle soap to the water for tougher stains.

Have Your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned

While it isn’t necessary to have your pieces professionally cleaned as often as you should clean them at home, taking your pieces to a jeweler once or twice a year can prevent more severe damage to the appearance of your possessions.

A professional jeweler is a beautiful asset because of their intimate knowledge of metals and their potential irritants. They can further inform you on how to care for your jewelry and more closely inspect it with a trained eye.

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