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Blooming Love: Spring Engagement Ring Styles to Impress Your Partner

February 15th, 2024

A man kisses his fiancee’s hand, showing off her halo engagement ring.

Spring is a season of renewal, a time when nature bursts forth with vibrant colors, and love is in the air. If you're planning to pop the question during this enchanting time of year, choosing the perfect engagement ring is fundamental to make the moment truly memorable. From nature-inspired designs to elegant classics, this year's top engagement ring picks for a spring proposal are sure to capture the heart of the season and convey the beginning of a beautiful journey together. Join us as we explore the most glamorous and on-trend ring styles that will add a touch of magic to your springtime proposal.

Two views of a horizontal set emerald cut diamond ring from TACORI.

Sideways Sophistication

This Spring, engagement ring trends are taking an exciting turn with the introduction of horizontal-set gems, particularly elongated cuts. These unique designs offer a fresh perspective on traditional engagement rings, allowing them to stand out in a crowd of classics. One striking example is the TACORI horizontal emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. This magnificent piece redefines elegance with its elongated emerald-cut diamond placed horizontally across the band, creating a mesmerizing and unconventional visual. This captivating twist on engagement ring design is exemplary for those looking to make a daring statement while embracing the beauty of a spring proposal.

two views of an Imagine Bridal intertwining engagement ring.

Fanciable Floating Stones

Engagement ring designs featuring floating center stones are captivating and modern, making them a noteworthy trend this season. Among these stunning creations is the Imagine Bridal intertwining engagement ring. This striking design showcases intricate intertwining details along the band, which open up gracefully around the round-cut center stone, creating a tantalizing illusion of it floating in mid-air. The result is an enchanting and ethereal aesthetic that beautifully accentuates the central diamond. Floating center stone rings are an ideal choice for those seeking an engagement ring that combines innovation and transcendent elegance.

Two views of a bezel set, rose gold solitaire engagement ring from Fana.

Back-to-Basics Bezel Settings

Bezel settings are making a remarkable comeback in the world of jewelry fashion. These settings, which encircle the gem with a protective metal rim, are among the oldest and most enduring ways to showcase precious stones in jewelry. Among the exquisite options gaining popularity is the bezel solitaire engagement ring from Fana. This ring not only pays homage to the timelessness of bezel settings but also celebrates the enduring beauty of the emerald-cut diamond. The bezel setting not only provides security to the gem but also imparts a sleek and contemporary look to the ring. The resurgence of bezel settings speaks to a desire for classic elegance with a modern twist.

two views of a halo pear shaped engagement ring from Martin Flyer.

Stylishly Shaped

Shaped center diamonds are all the rage this spring in the world of engagement rings, and among the most sought-after shapes is the exquisite pear shape. This unique and eye-catching diamond cut has seen a resurgence in popularity, offering a blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics. One standout piece that demonstrates this trend is the Martin Flyer halo pear-shaped engagement ring. This ring flawlessly marries the absolute charm of a pear-shaped diamond with the modern allure of a halo setting. The halo of smaller diamonds that surrounds the center stone not only enriches its sheen but also adds a flavor of sophistication to the overall design. Shaped center diamonds like pear cuts provide a refreshing departure from traditional round stones.

A woman slips an engagement ring on another woman’s finger.

Propose this Spring with an Engagement Ring from Long Jewelers

At Long Jewelers, your premier Virginia Beach jewelry store, we're thrilled to be your trusted destination for the most enchanting engagement rings and diamonds in Virginia. This spring, make your proposal truly memorable by choosing a trendy engagement ring that reflects your love's uniqueness and the vibrancy of the season. Our collection boasts the latest in engagement ring fashion. Discover the meaning of elegance with a modern twist, and let the beauty of your ring represent the beginning of a beautiful adventure together. Visit us today, and let us help you uncover the perfect ring to make your springtime proposal truly magical.