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Eccentric Styles for Diamond Studs

February 15th, 2022

Every worthy jewelry collection has a well-worn set of stud earrings. These versatile pieces are perfect for everyday wear, as they are lightweight, minimalist, and go well with everything. By the addition of diamonds, they light up the face with a uniquely brilliant accentuation. However, there are many of these exquisite pieces and you may want a more spectacular, distinctive style. New styles will help you have a more diverse jewelry collection.

Add Life to Your Style

A floral or natural-inspired design can add beauty and elegance to any outfit. These patterns are varied with some opting for more abstract, geometric designs and others for motifs directly depicting the flora and fauna themselves.

Some designers have released collections celebrating creatures and flowers. This nature-inspired diamond stud of twisting vines and leaves is made of gold and diamonds. This contrast of luxury materials and wild motifs allows for a distinctively fashionable aesthetic.

Go Back to Geometry

Not everyone prefers organic designs. Some vouch for modernity and adore clean angles celebrating minimalism. Those modern connoisseurs should seek diamond studs set in unusual and sophisticated shapes. By refusing to adopt the traditional round setting, these unorthodox pieces lend themselves show-stopping elegance.

This captivating pair by TACORI, famed for their understated but fashionable pieces, has an exquisite rhombus shape. With plenty of brilliant diamonds in a pavé setting in an open 18k white gold design, this is set is an absolute marvel.

Make Everyday Colorful

While brilliant clear diamonds are the standard for a reason, there are occasions when a pop of color can complete a look. As such, a diamond stud with complementary rich-colored gemstones can provide a vibrance unfound elsewhere. Designers use a plethora of stones from amethyst to emerald to turquoise.

The renowned designer Fana has a set of color fashion studs that are available with ruby, emerald, and sapphires. These lively gems are surrounded by a spectacular layer of diamonds, creating a truly radiant, prismatic array.

Express Yourself

Most studs are crafted in geometric patterns, even the more unusually shaped ones. For a more unique look, consider looking for a motif. By donning a familiar and carefully chosen image, one can express themselves and their personality through luxury.

Some are interested in astrological designs, such as these star-and-moon diamond studs. This stunning pair of 14k white gold earrings has a marvelous sequence of radiant diamonds, lighting up the star and moon symbols.

Discover Different Diamond Studs with Long Jewelers

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