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Choosing Your Perfect Diamond Shape

October 15th, 2021

As the centerpiece of an engagement ring, the center stone’s diamond shape is an important factor to take into consideration. Not only will this be the focal point that captures everyone’s attention, but it will also contribute to the overall appearance and aesthetic of the ring. From vintage to traditional to modern, there are many ways that a diamond’s cut can effortlessly blend in with your personal style. Keep reading to discover the various diamond shapes available.

Round Cut Diamonds

Round diamonds are known for their brilliance from their astounding 58 facets. No other cut is able to reflect light to the magnificent level of a round cut. As the most favored cut, round brilliant diamonds make up 75% of diamond engagement rings sold. The high demand for this diamond cut means that this shape fits with a variety of different settings.

Is a Round Cut Diamond Right for You’

Round cut diamonds are perfect for the classic bride who cherishes her engagement ring as a symbol of everlasting love. Those who have dreamed of a fairytale wedding often gravitate to the timeless feel of a round cut ring. For brides who appreciate the classics but prefer to add their own distinctive or modernized customization to their ring, the round cut also delivers. From a delicate solitaire to a grand, ornate shank, this diamond shape is versatile.

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds follow closely behind round cuts as an enduring favorite, rising quickly to popularity since the 1960s. In contrast to the round cut, princess cut diamonds have sharper edges and a signature square shape, yet are classified as a modified brilliant because of their 76 facets.

An expertly cut princess diamond will display the perfect balance between light and dark as your finger moves against the light, a sign to jewelers that this cut is of high quality. The geometry of a princess cut is striking as you view it from various angles, as you will first see the square or rectangle shape from above and an inverted pyramid from the side.

Is a Princess Cut Diamond Right for You’

Princess cut diamonds are made for modern brides. Those who embrace architectural influences and cutting-edge design will find the ideal marriage of the two in this cut. Brides gravitate towards princess cuts because of the clean lines and the reduced visibility of flaws in the diamond. If you are looking for a ring that stands out for its magnificent shine and luxe uniqueness, a princess cut is the one for you.

Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds are characterized by their elongated shape with soft curves. While cut with the same number of facets as a round brilliant, oval diamonds have a greater surface area leading to an enhanced sparkle. With an oval and round diamond of the same weight, the oval diamond will look larger. This is a significant factor why some will choose the oval cut over the round brilliant.

Is an Oval Cut Diamond Right for You’

An oval cut engagement ring is for the sophisticated, romantic bride. Oval cut diamonds are a great choice for those who are attracted to the round diamond but find themselves wanting something more unique. The curves soften the shape of the ring, bestowing on the wearer an air of both elegance and delicacy. Oval rings are also conducive to added detail, such as a hidden halo to enhance the diamond’s radiance. Oval cuts are a common favorite amongst graceful brides because of their soft silhouette and luminosity.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds feature a rectangular shape and visible parallel faceting. Unlike the elongated and rounded oval cut diamond, emerald cuts have very defined step-cuts along the length and width of the diamond, which act as a hall of mirrors in reflecting light. The clean lines and geometric beauty of the emerald cut have established it as a premier choice of diamond. However, these diamonds are among the most unique available as only 3% of the world’s diamonds are emerald cut. If you choose this diamond shape, it is recommended to opt for a clarity grade of G or higher in order to truly see the flawless quality of an emerald cut.

Is an Emerald Cut Diamond Right for You’

Emerald cut rings are ideal for brides who favor vintage aesthetics. The mirage of layers within the stone draws attention to the precision and delicacy of the ring. If you want a ring that dazzles in a way that speaks for itself, an emerald cut diamond is the one for you.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds combine symmetry and contrast in a beautiful blend of the round cut and marquise cut. Otherwise known as a teardrop shape, one side of the diamond is rounded, while the other is pointed, a blend of edges and curves that seamlessly marries softness and style. The merge of shapes captures light effortlessly and is only magnified by a halo or other additional diamond accents. When selecting a pear shaped stone, you can customize the proportions, whether you prefer a long and slender diamond or a shorter and rounder stone.

Is a Pear Shaped Diamond Right for You’

Pear shaped rings are for the trendsetting bride who does not want a ring like anyone else’s. Because of the individuality of every stone, brides who want to make their mark delight in its singularity. Pear shaped diamonds are fashion-forward and can be further customized to point up or down based on preference. If you are seeking a dynamic and elegant ring that will command attention, the pear shaped ring is right for you.

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