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ArtCarved: What You Need to Know about this Bridal Jewelry Designer

July 10th, 2018

ArtCarved: What You Need to Know about this Bridal Jewelry Designer

Hailing from its humble home in Brooklyn, New York ArtCarved has been blazing its own path through the world of luxury adornment for well over one hundred and fifty years. To describe their own personal brand in one article would be an attempt to contain the ocean within a teaspoon - the range their catalog covers is astounding.

At Long Jewelers, what we love most from them is what they have to offer in the way of rings intended for the bride and groom, both in preparation of the wedding and on the big day itself.

Engagement Rings

As lovers of jewelry ourselves, we tend to fill our showcase with the brands and pieces we would be interested in buying as consumers. We carry three collections of engagement bands from ArtCarved: Classic, Contemporary, and Vintage. Each offers something unique to the beholder, and we have bestsellers in all three categories.

The latter of the bunch, the Vintage series, is perfect for the true romantic; the 31-V100ERW-E sidestone ring features undulating swirls in your choice of white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or palladium. For a more modern fiance, you can't go wrong with a Contemporary piece. The elegantly knotted 31-V337GC-E model, also a sidestone piece, is the epitome of luxury, and its sister ring in the same category, the ArtCarved 31-V303ERW-E, exudes much of the same in pure, unadorned simplicity, an excellent choice for any woman that delights in a much less complicated look that will blend in discreetly with all of the other accessories she wears on a day-to-day basis.

Many people, of course, are simply seeking an engagement ring that looks like, well, an engagement ring - the clean band, the solitaire diamond, the whole nine yards, no fuss, no frills. ArtCarved is, yet again, more than happy to oblige; the modern yet timeless 31-V120ERW-E will never disappoint.

ArtCarved bridal jewelry at Long Jewelers

Wedding Bands

Naturally, after investing in the engagement ring of you and your partner's dreams, you're going to want an equally stunning wedding band to match. Fear not, for ArtCarved produces many worthy contenders for both men and women, with plenty of options designed to coordinate elegantly for the engagement ring that the brides will already be wearing.

Like their engagement rings, you have three collections to choose from. Their Classic prong-set eternity ring tends to be a real showstopper in 14k yellow gold; the 31-V732W-L is a piece of similar qualities for those who love sparkle but wish for a slightly more understated look (in, of course, the most fabulous way possible).

Stoneless rings are quite chic right now, and, luckily for you, ArtCarved makes many of them - they're a great supporting element to an out-of-this-world engagement ring that demands the spotlight and refuses to be tamed by a gaudy companion. As for the groom, ArtCarved has all of the bases covered, from the stoic, to the ornate, to the band designed with the man in touch with his slightly more delicate, feminine side in mind.

For more information on the ArtCarved jewelry pieces available in your area, reach out to Long Jewelers in Virginia Beach by calling us at (757) 498-1186 or visiting our award-winning showroom in person. We’d be honored to help you with any and all of your bridal jewelry questions and concerns!