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5 Ways to Layer Your Earrings in Style

August 15th, 2021

Layering earrings together is a fashionable way to express your creativity and personal sense of style. And, who would say no to wearing lots of attention-grabbing, fashion jewelry’

As a trending style, wearing various earrings together accentuates multiple ear piercings. But what’s the trick to making this work? The good news is that there are many ways to layer earrings. Learn how to experiment with themes, sizes, shapes, and colors!

Simply Beautiful Geometric Studs

Shimmering, geometric, plain metal studs are a necessity for anyone adding the final touch to the layered earring style. Shop them in sterling silver, white, yellow, and rose gold to decorate your multiple ear piercings.

Consider these warm, yellow gold pointed ellipse studs. This TACORI staple will blend with other beautiful, ornate earrings to complete the style.

Hoops For Days

There are many ways to layer hoop earrings. You can don several hoops of the same size ascending to your helix, pair hoops with colorful stud earrings, or follow our recommendation of wearing several hoops decreasing in size as they travel up the lobe. This style is distinguished and heavenly.

Start your stack with these sleek, rose gold Simon G. hoops. Place these glittering pavé hoops on your earlobe with plain rose gold hoops ascending to your helix to create a cohesive appearance.

Let One Earring Reign Above The Others

Choose one statement earring and let it steal the show. This particular approach to layering is ideal for someone who wants to stay on-trend but still adorn their multiple ear piercings with a piece that is eye-catching and adventurous.

Envision yourself in these dramatic emerald drop earrings. Yellow gold brimming with white diamonds, the green emeralds are enchanting. Pair these earrings with a circle sterling silver stud, a yellow gold hoop, and a yellow gold cuff at the top of your helix.

Play With Shapes

Incorporating many shapes into your earring stack will make it all the more attractive. Squares, circles, triangles, ellipses, abstract shapes—nothing is off-limits. These diamond-lined open surfboard drop earrings from TACORI are a gorgeous example. This trend works for diamonds or metal-forward earrings.

We also recommend Hearts On Fire’s Triplicity triangle stud earrings. These three-sided, white gold pieces feature round cut diamonds embedded in a white gold triangle. You can add more studs, cuffs, and ear crawlers to your layered earring look for an eclectic feel!

Pair Different Textures And Finishes

Earrings are crafted in so many different ways. From polished metal to hammered looks, scalloped edges or milgrain beading, designers have come up with diverse finishes to set their earrings apart. Pick two seemingly opposing modes and pair them together!

Feel the Amazon Breeze with these bright gemstone studs. The amazonite gem with a quartz overlay is clouded yet striking with its electrifying blue. Sleek yellow gold drowns with white diamonds. Pair these earrings with smaller, vibrant acrylic studs to match.

Find Earrings to Layer at Long Jewelers

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