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2022 Holiday Guide to Buying Jewelry

October 5th, 2022

gift box for jewelry

‘Tis the season to show others your affection with jewelry. These luxurious accessories are the perfect present: high-quality, glamorous, and valuable. For generations people have been giving jewelry, and gift recipients have been giddy with glee after receiving a silver necklace, amethyst fashion ring, or any other of the many stunning pieces out there. Everyone loves jewelry, but the popularity and fashionability of these pieces vary from year to year. Our team at Long Jewelers have put together this guide of the latest trends of jewelry to shop for this holiday season.

bold gold and silver bangle

Big, Bold Bangles

The classic bangle is slender and elegant. Eschewing this understated sophistication are this year’s trendy pieces, which sport thick bands and plenty of precious materials. Their dazzling designs make them excellent for sprucing up more neutral outfits or completing more extravagant ensembles.

For a more traditional but bold example, choose this Simon G. SG bracelet. With an intricate paisley pattern emboldened by diamonds and gold, this bangle is sure to delight any viewer.

hoop earrings


Hoops have an iconic high-fashion style. From the classic, large yellow gold hoops to spectacular diamond-imbued pieces, there is a limitless amount of hoop earrings out there. Hoops pair well with updos and short hair, although they also look fabulous with long hair. They also match LBDs and other formal wear.

Want hoops as bright as the winter snow? This pair of Hearts On Fire Aerial Regal diamond hoops are uniquely brilliant. These earrings use Hearts On Fire’s proprietary diamond cut. This cut ensures that every diamond is peerlessly radiant.

vintage fashion rings


Vintage styles have been popular for decades. As time is linear, more styles become vintage over time. An unfortunate revelation to many readers is that jewelry from the 2000s (termed Y2K) is now vintage. These playful, beaded pieces are currently trendy and colorful.

Try a vintage style addition to your fashion ring stack, like this TACORI Lilac Blossoms fashion ring. It exhibits quartz, chalcedony, and amethysts for a striking and colorful display that is sure to be loved. This ring’s vintage details go a step further by highlighting the intricate milgrain beading.


The sweeping vistas of the Southwest United States are seen on the runways this season. While cowboy boots cannot be easily worn in most situations, luxurious turquoise jewelry fits right in. This classy gemstone’s sky-blue sheen is highly desired and sought after this season, so make sure to incorporate it into your outfits.

pearl jewelry


Pearls were trendy last season, but their popularity has yet to wane. These classic, gorgeous natural gemstones are still very much in style. From pearl necklaces to earrings, there are several ways to express your love of the pearl.

This Steven Douglas Flowers necklace is unique and exceptional. The timeless pearls are accentuated by the realist floral pendant, making it perfect for those who dream of greener days.

giving a gift

Make Your Holiday Special with Jewelry from Long Jewelers

Discover the ultimate in luxury at Long Jewelers. Our vast selection of everything luxurious ensures that you will be in style, no matter the season. We have all of today’s top jewelry designer brands to ensure every visitor leaves with a dream fulfilled. At our Virginia Beach jewelry store, you will find a plethora of professional jewelry services to ensure every accessory lasts a lifetime. Call us at (757) 498-1186 if you have any questions.