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Introduction To Pearl Jewelry

Revered since long before written history, pearls are known as the world’s oldest gem. Sophisticated and elegant, pearl jewelry has been donned as sophisticated statement pieces for centuries. Pearls are the result of an irritant such as sand or a small stone, being lodged in the shell of an oyster. The oyster covers the irritant in layers of a semi‐translucent substance called "nacre" in order to protect itself. It takes years for a sizable pearl to form, making genuine pearls a beautiful rarity. These gems are said to symbolize purity and natural perfection as well as fertility and long life.

Characteristics Of Pearl Jewelry

Versatile and elegant, pearl jewelry can accent a stunning evening gown or dress-up everyday wear. Renowned designers like Steven Douglas have utilized this gem in such a variety of styles that there is truly a pearl piece for every look. It’s easy to imbue one’s ensemble with timeless refinement and style. These luminescent pieces add a touch of brightness and glow softly with candlelight and sunshine alike. There are endless possibilities of ways one can wear and style pearls. Pop on a minimal pair of pearl stud earrings or layer various strings of pearl necklaces for a dramatic effect.

How To Care For Pearl Jewelry

Cultured pearls are delicate gems and require specific care to retain their entrancing sheen. After every wear, wipe the pearls with a soft cloth to remove any dust or oil buildup. For tougher stains or buildup, use a mixture of mild dish soap and water to gently dissolve the substance, but do not submerge the piece, as the silk thread often used to string pearls on a piece will weaken with water exposure. Keeping pearls hydrated is essential to keeping them shimmering and smooth. Wearing them often and allowing them to absorb moisture from the skin and the environment is the easiest way to do this.

Shop Pearl Jewelry At Long Jewelers

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