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Engagement Ring Metal Guide

Engagement Ring Metal Guide

Guide to Engagement Ring Metals

When deciding on an engagement ring, besides the center stone, an equally important component is the metal type. This sets the foundation for the aesthetic of the ring by providing a hue and luster that should match your personal style. Learn more about the wide selection of metals to consider for your perfect ring with our expert guide.

White Gold

White gold is an elegant engagement ring metal that effortlessly amplifies the brilliance of the center stone with its luxurious bright white finish. This sparkling metal not only magnifies the diamond’s shine but also its size, causing the stone to appear larger. Many brides choose a classic, round, solitaire diamond to be set with a white gold band because it brilliantly emphasizes the center stone and gives a timeless, dignified appearance.

Yellow Gold

Quintessential yellow gold is perfect for brides who prefer a warmer tone for their ring. This vibrant metal brings out the fire of the center stone in any setting, from the more traditional designs to the bolder new age styles, continuously remaining in fashion. Yellow gold refracts the light in any cut for an unmatched radiance. The inviting romantic appeal of yellow gold has graced the hands of royalty and socialites alike for centuries.

Rose Gold

Rose gold has quickly risen in popularity as an engagement ring metal. Softer than white and yellow gold, this feminine metal is known to be more modern yet evokes a vintage style. This distinct alloy of gold and copper is stronger than any other gold blend and has deep roots with early renowned jewelry artisans. While the romantic glow makes any diamond cut striking, an oval diamond fits best on a rose gold band because of its exquisite duality.


Platinum is another growing favorite among engagement ring metals. This white precious metal offers the cooler luminosity of white gold but is more rare and pure. Although the price for platinum is higher in comparison to other metals, its thick density and longer-lasting durability make this investment worthwhile. Platinum is an ideal choice for brides who favor luxury but live an active lifestyle. The magnificence of platinum introduces sophistication and shine to every diamond cut.

Mixed Metal

For the bride who is seeking an absolute one-of-a-kind ring, choosing a mixed metal band is an unconventional, daring choice that will make a statement. The contrast of contemporary flair and feminine grace allows for the metal to work for any aesthetic. This eye-catching band will turn heads everywhere you go. Intertwine subtle rose gold hues with an enduring white gold band, or contrast white and yellow gold to embrace the duality of life and love.