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Custom Jewelry Designs

Custom Design Jewelry at Long Jewelers

Custom Jewelry Design at Long Jewelers in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Watching your dreams of custom jewelry come to life is a fascinating and rewarding process. During every step of the process, you can watch the progress flower into something elegant—and it all starts with you. The infinite possibilities of modern technology and materials, combined with traditional craftsmanship, makes a design process that’s both easy and exciting for you. Wearing a piece of jewelry that you helped to create promises years of satisfaction and adoration. And it all starts with you coming into Long Jewelers.

Reliable and Technologically Advanced Custom Jewelry Design

The process starts with the designer getting a feel for types of jewelry that move you. Do you like free-form, symmetrical, classic, or modern? Long Jewelers can do as much or as little as you desire. We’ll help you focus on the elements of your dream that are the most important. Once you and your artist have created a sketch with which you’re happy, our team will get your approval, provide an estimate, and move onto the CAD design stage.

Long Jewelers takes advantage of the most cutting-edge CAD technology, and our trained craftspeople make the process of rendering your dream jewelry in 3D a snap. The three-dimensional nature of CAD design allows you to look at every little detail in the image—and gives you the power to change the file at the stroke of a key.

The third step of the process is when the CAD blueprints are sent to a 3D printer, which will then create a cast of your jewelry in wax. This wax casting is made to be a one-to-one replica of the final product, so you can use the wax casting as a “test drive.” Try on your custom piece! See how it feels and weighs! Judge how it’ll look! You can do all of this before the process is finalized.

The final step is the most exciting. Long Jewelers will assist you in sourcing the precious materials to make your dazzling a dream a reality. Whether you’d prefer us supply all the materials, or you’d like some of your stones remounted into a fresh new design, we’re here to help to breathe life into your unique vision and make it completely perfect.

Guaranteed Satisfaction with Your Custom Jewelry Design at Long Jewelers

Long Jewelers is one of Virginia’s largest and most trusted fine jewelry retailers. Named the 2017 Retailer of the Year by the Retail Alliance, our 35 years of service has led to us becoming the first and final word in jewelry in Virginia Beach. You can trust that Long Jewelers is the jeweler to make your dreams come true, whether you’re looking to design custom jewelry or to purchase a new piece from one of our atelier brands.

Also, to keep your treasures both old and new in perfect condition, Long Jewelers offers a wide variety of other services, including jewelry and watch repair, pearl stringing, and engraving. We also buy gold and can appraise your jewelry.

If you’d like additional information about the custom jewelry design available to customers in the Tidewater area, visit our showroom today in Virginia Beach, or contact us at (757) 498-1186.