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Characteristics of Natural Diamonds

The process of natural diamond creation is one of nature’s many wonders as the conditions under which these precious gems are formed are quite incredible. This is part of why natural diamonds are valued so highly around the world. Far beneath the surface of the earth, carbon atoms are bonded by extreme levels of heat and pressure, resulting in the hardest naturally found material known to humanity. The diamonds are then brought to the surface by volcanic activity, where they are finally mined. It is estimated that these gems could be anywhere from one to three billion years old; older than life on earth. 

Natural vs Lab-Created

After centuries of diamond mining and research, scientists discovered ways of recreating the conditions necessary for their creation in a controlled environment. The stones that resulted were virtually identical in appearance, hardness, and chemical composition. Due to their unlimited supply, lab-created diamonds are a cheaper option. This has also driven the price of natural gems up. For this reason, a natural jewel retains much greater resale value than its lab-created counterparts. When you are shopping for diamond jewelry, it is important to note the origin of the gemstones in order to accurately determine the value of the piece. 

Why Choose a Natural Stone?

There is something truly magical about owning a piece of jewelry whose center stone has traveled hundreds of miles via volcanic eruption from the place where it was formed millions, maybe billions of years ago. For many, these truly extraordinary feats of nature are irreplaceable. For others, the more straightforward monetary value of the piece is much of the attraction of a natural stone. These can be passed down from generation to generation, accruing more and more value over time. The growing rarity of these beautiful jewels is an understandably strong appeal to buyers. 

Find the Best Diamond Selection at Long Jewelers

Your search for the highest caliber diamond jewelry ends with us at Long Jewelers. For over 30 years, we have proudly provided our community with quality products and unparalleled customer service from our Virginia Beach jewelry store. Our staff is thoroughly trained and experienced in the jewelry industry with extensive knowledge of diamonds, their creation, and their lab-created counterparts. It would be our honor to guide you through our selection of designer jewelry and loose diamonds to help find the perfect piece for you. Stop by our showroom or contact us at for more information on our products and services.