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Valentine’s Day Jewelry She’ll Adore: Necklace Gift Guide

January 15th, 2022

Fashion styles are in constant flux, making it tough to distinguish between what’s in and what’s out. So, we’ve put together a list of necklace styles perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts. These necklace styles offer versatility and a wide range of styling possibilities.

Love Letters

Nameplates are a terrific method for showing how much you care. These designs incorporate a personal aspect that allows for individual expression and infinite possibilities. Matching nameplates ensure you’ll always have a piece of each other no matter the distance between you. Designs can range from full names to initials or even a few well-wrought words of affection.

This TACORI Love Letters necklace features a diamond-studded pendant and 18k rose gold. Gift your loved one their first initial, your first initial, or the first initial of your shared last name.

Height of Elegance

A diamond necklace is the crown of a jewelry collection. Not many pieces compare in terms of historical popularity. A diamond necklace is a classic piece of jewelry once reserved for nobility and aristocracy. These glittering pieces surged in popularity during the 19th century. Since then, the diamond necklace has held firm in our imaginations as the pinnacle of class.

A piece like this I. Reiss necklace, featuring a radiant row of prong-set diamonds along a 14k white gold chain with a lobster clasp for enhanced security, will make for a dramatic and exciting Valentine’s Day gift.

Pure Red Passion

Rubies historically symbolize nobility, purity, and passion. Few gems make as suitable a Valentine’s Day adornment as the fiery red ruby. Ancient cultures valued the ruby’s color (so close to the shade of blood) and believed they could grant one vitality.

This Simon G. Tempera necklace features 18k rose gold crowned by a pear-shaped ruby and results in a truly romantic piece. Diamonds arranged in a halo motif offer additional layers of light refraction.

The Rise of Rose Gold

Rose gold has a warm pink hue, making it an excellent shade for a Valentine’s Day gift. It is a mix of pure yellow gold and copper, sometimes silver. Pure gold is too soft to make practical jewelry, so the addition of other alloys can add a gentle tinge to the color and increase the durability of the metal.

This TACORI Bloom necklace rendered in a fiery 18k rose gold features a Rolo chain and halo style accents enriching the brilliant center stone. Your Valentine will blush to receive a piece like this.

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