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Maintaining Your Ring Throughout The Elements

January 15th, 2023

A man holding an engagement ring behind his back about to propose to a woman in front of him

Your engagement ring will be with you for better or for worse. However, that does not mean they are not indestructible. There are many elements out there that can cause harm to your cherished engagement ring. Discover the environmental factors you should stray away from with these expert tips from our Long Jewelers professionals.

An engaged couple kissing on the beach at the edge of the waves


Whether you are swimming in your backyard pool or taking a dip in the ocean, water can be one of the most dangerous commodities on the planet for your ring. Most aquatic activities involve cold water. Our hands instinctively contract and shrink as a reaction. This process is called vasoconstriction, where your body takes blood flow from your hands and redirects it to your core. If this happens, the ring can fall deep into the depths, becoming lost forever.


Besides the damage that can occur to your ring if you were to swim in the ocean while wearing your ring, your body naturally produces salt when you sweat. Salt, unfortunately, corrodes everything over time. Combined with the natural oils secreted from the skin, sweat can wreak havoc on your engagement ring. The salt from your sweat can build up and damage the precious metal in the interior of your ring. Salt may eat through the plating if your engagement ring features white gold with a rhodium coating. Therefore, you should avoid wearing your ring while exercising or on a sweltering summer day.

A woman’s hand with a three stone intertwining engagement ring is on top of her significant other’s hand


Working with your hands outside can be risky for your engagement ring. Activities like gardening can cause dirt and soil to get in small crevices, especially in a ring with a prong setting. Dirt particles can get compacted and lead to accidental damage when trying to clean it. Also, dirt can knock the center diamond loose or chip the precious metal setting. Fertilizers can also contain chemicals that can rot precious metals. Do not risk it with gloves. Instead, remove your ring when working outside.


Heat is a crucial part of crafting jewelry, yet it can be one of the most dangerous things to jewelry. If your engagement ring features gemstones, heat can remove their natural moisture. Excessive heat can cause gemstones to crack. One of the most significant hazards of heat comes from the sun. Sunlight has a reputation for heating up; if heated enough, it can cause the surface to become so hot that it can warp the metal. Therefore, be mindful of where you store your ring.

A couple sitting in the grass with their faces out of view and the side stone engagement ring on her hand

Repair Your Engagement Ring at Long Jewelers

After almost 30 years of serving Virginia, Long Jewelers is proud to be a part of your monumental milestones. Whether searching for the perfect engagement ring to pop the question with or indulging in a treat for yourself, we have a superior selection of designer jewelry for you to browse. Our in-house team of five experienced jewelers, a COSC-certified master watchmaker, a team of GIA graduates, and a diamond cutter is also committed to providing services to keep your favorite treasures flawless. Contact us or visit our Virginia Beach location to consult with our experts.