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How to Save on Your Engagement Ring

March 15th, 2023

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Engagement rings are essential symbols of love, romance, and maturity. They represent a new road to be walked down and experienced. These beautiful pieces come at a cost, however, which can even make them prohibitive. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save. Learn how with Long Jewelers.

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Set a Budget and Stick to It

When making any large purchase, you need to set a budget. This ensures you won’t spend too much on the ring, which is easier than one might assume due to the sheer number of options. How much should you spend? While some stick to the tradition of three month’s salary, that was a marketing campaign by a diamond company, so adhere to your own beliefs and resources. A one-carat engagement ring costs between $2,000 to $16,000, depending on your priorities. We also recommend further specifying the budget by dividing it into the center stone vs. the setting. This makes it much easier to pick an engagement ring, as both come at various prices.

A radiant cut diamond solitaire engagement ring sits on a reflective black surface

Pick Less-Popular Cuts

While round cut diamonds are classic, timeless, and brilliant, they come at a higher price than other cuts. This is because they are in high demand and have a limited supply. By switching to less common cuts, you can save thousands of dollars. Are you considering the shape because of its brilliance? From some angles, the oval can create a vibrant light display. Cushion cut diamonds are radiant, too. We offer a wide selection of diamonds at our showroom available in a myriad of cuts. Read our diamond shape guide to learn more about your options. Note that some shapes can make inclusions or flaws difficult to see, allowing you to save further on lower-quality diamonds.

A lab-grown round-cut diamond sits in a pair of jeweler’s tweezers

Consider Lab-Grown

Natural-mined diamonds are expensive. Their rarity and cost make them most of the cost of an engagement ring. There are many alternatives, but none can replicate the magnificence of a diamond. That is the beauty of lab-grown diamonds. They are real diamonds in every way, except their origins are in a controlled environment rather than a natural one. Lab-grown diamonds are much cheaper than natural-mined diamonds.

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Search for Sales

Jewelry stores sometimes have sales, and that extends to engagement rings. They can be a fraction of the cost, allowing soon-to-be spouses to afford their dream rings. To find out what sales are going on, search social media. Many jewelers announce sales there. News articles are out there too, found in press releases. You can also contact jewelry stores in your area and ask if there are any ongoing or impending deals.

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Save on Engagement Rings at Long Jewelers

For enchanting engagement rings at a reasonable price, Long Jewelers is your destination. Our Virginia Beach jewelry store offers a peerless selection of fine engagement rings and stylish wedding bands, so as to fulfill all our visitors’ wildest bridal dreams. Even better: if you buy rings from us, we will give you complimentary services like polishing for life. In case you cannot find the ring you have in mind, work with us to create your own engagement ring with help from our goldsmiths. We also provide professional jewelry services to ensure your bridal jewelry lasts a lifetime. Want to know more? Call (757) 498-1186 or email Info@LongJewelers.net to speak directly with a staff member.