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Gift Mom a Beautiful Necklace for Mother’s Day

April 15th, 2022

It’s almost Mother’s Day, a time in which we decide to celebrate the important mothers in our lives. Whether it’s an extravagant brunch full of pancakes and mimosas or a movie in the living room, it’s important to spend time together on this special occasion. It is also important to follow up with a gift. A great way to show your mom how much you care is with a one-of-a-kind necklace. Our experts chose some of the top necklaces that are sure to have moms stylish all year long.

Bold and Bright Gemstones

Gemstone necklaces are fantastic gifts. Their vibrant colors make them immediately enchanting and captivating while the sheer variety of gemstones available makes them more personable than diamonds. If someone has a fiery personality, a passionate red ruby can reflect that. You should also contemplate incorporating one’s birthstone into the piece. It can make it uniquely personable.

This 14k white gold and sapphire pendant exudes sophistication, elegance, and beauty. The contrast between the sapphire’s blue hue and white gold is striking, while the diamond accents enhance the radiance of the piece. This is a perfect choice for moms who celebrate birthdays in September as sapphire is the month’s birthstone!

Marvelous Motifs

A motif-centered pendant is a fashionable way for moms to express themselves. These pendants have a commonly recognizable image or design. Heart necklaces are arguably the most common, as they are instantly romantic. With a motif necklace as a gift, you can pick something that the mother in question relates to and identifies with.

An amazing gift could be this 14k yellow gold and pearl necklace by Steven Douglas that features a magnificent mermaid holding up a radiant bright pearl. It is an excellent necklace for any mermaid, folklore, or nautical enthusiast.

Trendy Chains

Moms can be fashionable too. The hottest trends dictate that thick, chunky chains are popular and stylish. With large links of precious metals, these pieces are great at elevating casual and formal wear alike. Some pieces take it further with diamond accents and other enthralling details.

While chain necklaces are traditionally made of gold, sterling silver adds a sophisticated and elegant sheen. This TACORI sterling silver chain features beautiful and ornate metalwork with each link reflecting its designer’s signature intricate detailing.

Diamonds are a Mom’s Best Friend

The classic, timeless diamond necklace is always an exquisite gift. Their flash and brilliance elevate every outfit and is sure to draw awe from any viewer. As necklaces hang in the center of one’s silhouette, they are the focal point of one’s ensemble. Thus, a diamond necklace instantly makes one look gorgeous and chic.

Hearts On Fire created this spiral circle 18k gold and diamond necklace that is truly spectacular. This piece incorporates the brand's perfectly cut diamonds that are more brilliant than any other. Its eccentric and unorthodox shape is absolutely breathtaking.

Find 2022’s Best Necklaces for Mothers at Long Jewelers

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