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Finding the Perfect Watch for Him and Her

March 5th, 2020

Finding the Perfect Watch for Him and Her

From the formal to the casual, the sporty to the spectacular, the style options for high-end watches are virtually endless. Additionally, watch movement types vary. While some watch lovers prefer automatic (or self-winding) varieties, others are passionate about quartz watches, which are powered by a battery that sends a signal through a quartz crystal. So, how do you go about selecting the perfect timepiece? Keep reading to learn about the many designer watch lines available at Long Jewelers.

Wide Array of Designers Timepieces

Whether you’re choosing a watch for yourself or selecting a gift for someone special, it’s important to consider all the options. Along with assessing the type of watch you need, you should consider aesthetics. Is this a timepiece you’ll want to see on your wrist for years to come? Here are some of the top designers we’re proud to showcase at Long Jewelers.


More than a century old, Oris knows how to make a watch that stands the test of time. This beloved Swiss watchmaker is known for designing mechanical timepieces for a wide range of hobbies and professions, including diving, jazz, and aviation. Plus, the distinctive red rotor is sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Opt for the elegant yet functional Aquis diver watch or showcase your love of aviation with the Big Crown design, first introduced in 1938. Want something formal yet fabulous? You can’t go wrong with a piece from Oris’ classic Artelier collection, designed to slide neatly under any cuff.

finding the perfect watch in virginia beach


If accurate timekeeping is your passion, there’s no better choice than a watch by Tokyo-based designer Seiko. This 130-year-old brand by Kintaro Hattori is renowned for marrying innovative technology with jaw-dropping design. Collections include the Seiko Prospex, created for adventure lovers on water, land, or air, as well as the Presage. Boasting traditional Japanese design elements, this mechanic line is known for keeping perfect time through the generations. Finally, travelers love the Seiko Astron, renowned as the world’s first GPS Solar watch. This bold but elegant timepiece quickly and easily adapts to the wearer’s time zone.


Who says you have to choose between technical perfection and aesthetic beauty? Boasting 85 years of watchmaking expertise, Citizen offers both of these qualities in one appealing package. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates life’s finer things.

Raymond Weil

Another Swiss designer, Raymond Weil is beloved for its attention to details and musical inspiration. In fact, all the watches by this label celebrate the irrevocable bond between music and time keeping.

Put a Luxury Watch on Your Wrist Today

A fine watch is one of the ultimate symbols of taste and success. So, why not visit Long Jewelers to try on an exquisite array of brand-name timepieces? One of Virginia Beach’s leading jewelry stores, we’re proud to provide expert on-premise watch repairs by Qualified Master Watch-Maker Edward Mateus. Visit today to shop our selection or call to schedule a service appointment with our team.