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Engagement Ring Settings

Introduction to Engagement Ring Settings

One of the most individualized decisions a woman makes in her life is her engagement ring setting, but there is no shortage of options that will speak to her heart. The setting is the very beginning of building the engagement ring that best captures the essence of both your eternal love and your personal style. Not only does the setting dictate how secure and comfortable your ring is, it determines the silhouette and overall appearance of the ring. Make sure you choose wisely with our expert engagement setting guide.

Solitaire Rings

One of the most popular engagement ring settings is the solitaire diamond ring. This single stone ring is an ideal choice for the traditional bride, letting the diamond speak for itself. While presented as a timeless classic, solitaire rings are far from outdated, as designers have kept up with modern trends using hidden diamond detailing, intricate metalwork, and cathedral settings. White and yellow gold have been the most common choices of metal to frame this setting, but platinum has risen to popularity for its durability and shine. The awe factor of a solitaire set engagement rings is something that will never change.

Side Stone Rings

Side stone rings are truly effervescent, drawing eyes to the band and center stone with glamorous stones alongside the center diamond. These sensational side stones dazzle in all the distinctive cuts, from princess to emerald shaped, allowing each bride to find her favorite centerpiece for this luxe design. Featured settings are also tailored to the bride’s preferences, ranging from pavé to channel. Customizability, brilliance, and pure magnificence make side stone rings an easy choice.

Halo Rings

Halo rings effortlessly capture the light and keep attention on the shining center stone. Glittering diamonds encircle the center stone for a beautiful frame that causes the center diamond to appear larger. Because of this, high-carat diamonds can look tremendous in a halo, perfect for a bold woman. Halo designs soften and amplify sharper-edged cuts like a cushion or princess cut, for those who prefer these cuts, or further refine the rounder cuts. To further customize your valiant ring, add a second halo or a modern take on the halo, such as a mosaic or floral halo.

Three Stone Rings

Representing the past, present, and future, three stone rings pay beautiful homage to the growing love it symbolizes. Traditionally this design, also known as the trilogy ring, features one large center stone flanked by two smaller stones and is a canvas for your personal style. The size of the side stones changes the appearance of the ring, with smaller stones playing an elegant subtle role in the brilliant center stone, while uniformly sized stones amplify the shine in unison. The stone shape is another key factor in the look of the ring, varying from the classic round to the more edgy oval or emerald cuts. Flanked by marquise or baguette side stones, this ring is an undeniably ravishing choice.